Belka is NOT another paint, wallpaper, cement or acrylic render.

Belka marks an evolution in render. Made from cotton, Belka is a one coat only, trowel applied product resulting in a seamless Designer finish!

Belka has a smooth yet subtle texture and some colours even have a mineral fleck that shimmer in the light. From earthy tones to high impact feature walls, Belka achieves a stunning dynamic in any room.

Belka is fast to apply and can be applied to just about anything including ceilings. The substrate requires little to no preparation and only need's one coat to hide deep grout lines, cracks, unevenness and all other imperfections.

Being made from cotton, Belka is flexible, has acoustic and thermal properties and offers many other benefits that you can't achieve with paint, cement and acrylic renders.

100% natural, with zero VOC's, and available in over 60 pre-coloured finishes.

One third the cost of wallpaper, Belka is the only product of its type in the world and is now available in Australia.

Welcome to the world of Belka..........