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Colour Swatch Kits and Designer Colour Chart

The Belka Colour swatch kit is the ideal way to see the richness of colour and the dynamic of the subtle texture on your project. See how the play of light will sparkle from the mineral flecks in some of the colours.

  • Belka can be applied and removed with ease.
  • It will not effect or discolour the substrate after removing, guaranteed.

The beauty of ‘Belka’ is that the natural pigment/ colour is impregnated into the material and will not transfer. No need for drop cloths or worry about that accidental paint spill again.

The Colour swatch contains approx 100 grams which will give you approximately 30 cm² coverage at approximately 2mm thick, which is the recommended thickness.

Upon receiving your Belka colour swatch , add up to half a litre of water to the product in a bowl. It is just like making bread; you mix in the water until you achieve a doughy consistency. Remember Belka is 100% Natural with ZERO VOC’s or chemicals so it is TOTALLY SAFE to mix with your hands.

Apply to your wall with the Belka trowel. Clean up is a matter of simply rinsing the bowl with water.

Later when you have made your choice of what colour to go with, remove any other colours simply by wetting down those colours of Belka with water from a spray bottle. Spray until very wet and then you can scrape off the Belkal. Totally harmless (remember its cotton) you can dispose of this in the rubbish bin.

Now you can tie into the dried Belka colour that you have chosen simply by wetting the edges of the applied material to soften a little then you can seamlessly blend in the new Belka with the dried Belka swatch to cover the whole wall.


Belka Colour Charts

We have published 2 colour charts with actual swatches of all 60 colours.

We have a beautiful white hard cover hand bound version perfect for Interior designers and colour consultants to sit down with their clients and go through the range. It is a piece of art in its own right!

The other colour chart is a soft red cover version and still has the actual swatches perfect for the homeowner or builder looking for a way to select the best colours for their interior design project.

The Colour swatch kit and colour charts are available for purchase just by clicking here. The cost the colour charts can be deducted from any first purchase of Belka.

Interior designers and colour consultants can apply for a complimentary copy of the deluxe colour chart by contacting us with business details.