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Let your imagination create the picture and then let ‘Belka’ make it a reality.

Let ‘Belka’ make your wall finish dance, the colours truly come to life.
No longer is a flat finish your only option. ‘Belka’ brings a new stunning dimension and life to your walls. A number of colours in the range feature a fine mineral fleck that really enhances and magnifies the depth of colour. The pearlescent shimmering effect and the natural light diffusion is unequalled.

At night under down lights or focused up lights you have the most amazing feature walls. Unlike a metallic finish, Belka has a subtle texture that diffuses light and creates a soft and sophisticated ambience.

Whether Belka is used as a feature wall or used to bring life to a dull dark room or break up the whole “painted room effect”…..Belka will make your walls come to life!