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As an architect you are always at the cutting edge of design and technology. Always looking to create the latest look, product or finish to enhance your design. Colour and texture are two easy ways to compliment a design.

Whether residential, commercial or new shop fit, ‘Belka’ gives your project (large or small) the ability to stand out, offering the natural difference in a world of choice. A truly valuable tool to have in your toolbox.

Whilst Belka creates a fantastic new dynamic in any room, it can truly come into its own when your client wants to cover / hide rough walls, exposed internal brickwork, wood veneer, old tiles, etc….. as Belka is an extremely cost effective solution without compromising design integrity.

Belka has other physical properties that you just can not achieve with paint and cement renders. Sometimes these may be a desired element.

Belka offers insulation and sound absorbing properties …..Think media rooms, coffee shops, hotel lobbies and common walls, anywhere where you need to help dampen sound and stop sound being amplified from bouncing off painted walls.

Belka is also a designer finish that can act as a thermal barrier to hot or cold walls.

With ‘Belka’ you can easily cover a less than perfect wall in one coat transforming it into a feature rather than a handicap.

Overall finish is never compromised with Belka’s ease of application.

  Full technical specifications and MSDS here