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There is nothing more exciting than creating a new atmosphere in your living space and the fulfilling feeling of a job well done.

Who has wondered ,…..”how can I really change the feel of this room”?

“I want something stunning”… is the phrase we hear most from our customers.

‘Belka’ makes it easy to achieve a wonderful, professional finish that makes it hard to believe that it has been done by a DIY.

A little flair or a lot…..’Belka’ caters to everyone who is keen to get their hands dirty (or actually not that dirty at all!). The simplicity of the mixing and application method makes every home handy person want to jump on board, from the kid’s right through.

The peace of mind from using a natural product and a clean install and clean up, makes for added appeal of using the ‘Belka’ designer wall finish.

Want to see for yourself what your chosen colour will look like??

By purchasing a ‘Belka’ swatch kit you will have enough material to cover approx 30 sq /cm. This will give you a good idea of what the finished look will be. By applying the swatch kit sample….you will have had a good introduction of how to approach your project. We are convinced that you will….

Make it a family affair…..people of all ages are jumping on board the ‘Belka’ finish.

If you need some advice .....We have a technical and installation helpline open 7 days a week. 9am to 5 pm

On the other hand ...If you feel you want a professional to apply your Belka any good renderer or plasterer would be able to do a fantastic job. Let them know you want Belka applied ....they can then get in touch with us and we will get them up to speed in no time.