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What surface and what preparation:
Belka can be readily applied to just about any surface > including: plaster, cement, wood, old brick work, glass and all painted surfaces (acrylic, water or oil based). As a high build render Belka is ideal to cover with one coat a wall with surface flaws such as unevenness, grout lines, holes, gaps and cracks – just apply straight over them. Belka has been specially designed to deliver stunning professional durable finishes no matter what the surface. Usual caveats…get rid of old flaky paint, badly powdered surfaces, oily residue and any water or damp problems before applying Belka.

Do I need to prime first?
Belka requires No primer to aid in its function or final appearance. It is a one coat product. However where you could use the Belka primer is to AID in the application ease over very slippery surface such as gloss paint and glass. This is applicator dependent.

By applying the Belka sticky primer to slippery surfaces first you increase the grab. Other areas that needs a Belka primer is when coating wood veneers, as the primer stops the wood stain from transferring over time to the Belka.

The Belka primer is also needed for applying Belka to flexible surfaces such as Corf lute. Colour bond or flexible headliners.

Mix and apply:
Take as much of the Belka Powder as you need and put it in a container big enough to mix the product in.

To figure out how much Belka you will need ……1 Kilo of Belka will cover approx 3 sq meters @ average 2 mm thick on smooth surface…less coverage 2.5 sq/ mtr for surfaces like rendering Brick work.

Add approx 5 Litres of water for each kilogram of Belka Powder in your container.

Mix the powder and water together by hand until you get an even consistency like dough. Make sure there are no little dry clumps .Too dry add a little water. To wet add some more Belka powder. You can use electric render mixers and barrel mixers for large batches...

Leave the mixture for 30 minutes .This gives time to activate the adhesive binders.
After 30 minutes give a quick mix to the set product. Just to make sure the consistency is uniform. No little clumps of un- mixed product.

Apply the mixed product to the wall surface using a trowel, Place some Belka on the trowel and smooth out the Belka on the wall using the middle and trailing edge of the trowel. The Belka special clear trowel is designed so you can see how you are smoothing the product under the trowel onto the substrate.

Depending on the applied thickness, ventilation, temperature and humidity of your room Belka should be dry in 12 to 48 hours.

Very Important Application Tip

The recommended applied thickness on to the wall or ceiling surface is to average 1 mm to 2 mm thick. This can be achieved by allocating approximately 1 kilo of dry Belka Powder per 3 square metres of your surface. Belka will go on much thicker but you will use more material (i.e. reduced coverage = greater cost) and it will take longer to dry.

Seamless application after drying overnight, a few days or weeks later.
When you have a dried leading edge of applied Belka you can “tie into it” seamlessly. Fill a spray bottle with tap water and wet down the dried leading edge and back approx 3 cm of the leading edge where you want to tie into. This will re-moisten the dried Belka back to its wet pliable state so you can then apply the new wet Belka material and join the two areas together.

Any left over product that has been mixed can be used at a later time up to 24 hrs
For use later leftover product that has been mixed must be stored in an air tight container or plastic bag in a fridge or cool area.
For optimum results any left over mixed product should be used within 24 hours
Opened bags of Belka powder >Fold bag down to close top, tape off and store in a dry area. This will last for 1 year if stored in a cool dry place.