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Being a trade applicator, you come across new products and application methods regularly and have the ability and skill set to assess each on its own merit.

It is always a leap of faith with a new product.

‘You research it, look at samples of the product and have your own expectations of the finish that will be achieved under different conditions. It is of course another thing to jump to the next level and actually use a new product for the first time.

We understand this, so @ ‘Belka’ we would like to make that next step a little easier. We are so sure you will appreciate the look, finish and other benefits from using ‘Belka’ that we offer a 50% discount on the Retail price for your very first 5 Kg bag of Belka. That’s a very small price to pay to see just what won the “HIA Product of the Year 2009” in your industry, and why so many installs from houses, office fit outs and high end hotels are switching on to ‘Belka’.

The ease of application, the finished effect and the customer that appreciates your efforts will set your mind at ease and confirm your initial thoughts and expectations about the product. Opening the door to new possibilities that can be achieved with the use of ‘Belka’ designer wall finishes and offering another tool to help your business expand.

To take advantage of this offer just go HERE and fill in the web form and we will get back to you. Make sure you include all your business details to ensure you are set up for trade pricing

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