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Interior Designers / Colour Consultants

As an interior designer you are always searching for just the right way to fulfil your client’s desires in a sophisticated and often cost effective way. Belka offers you an exciting way you can set your designs apart and offer your customers something truly unique.

Belka is different to any finish, there are texture coatings, suede finishes, wallpaper and painted feature walls. ‘Belka’ offers an exciting alternative to all of these.

Belka has a soft subtle texture and feels soft to touch…. a pleasant alternative to paint and hard cold concrete texture or faux suede effects. Some of the Belka colours have a fine mineral fleck which gives the colour real depth. Also the way the light is enhanced and diffused by Belka rather than reflected gives a more natural lighting.

Nothing makes a room stand out more than a clever blend of colour and texture. Quickly and easily transform the dynamic of a room. Coat one or a combination of walls to break up what was once a flat painted finish. Belka gives you the ability to add warmth, texture and a stylish dimension.

You can create stunning feature walls that offer depth and dimension from earthy tones to high impact colours with shimmering fleck…… have a look at the colours that sparkle range.

Do you have clients asking for clean and natural solutions?

Whilst Belka creates a fantastic new dynamic in any room, it can truly come into its own when your client wants to cover / hide rough walls, exposed internal brickwork, wood veneer, old tiles, etc….. as Belka is an extremely cost effective solution without compromising design integrity.

As a designer creating the right finished look is often the most important aspect, and Belka does that for you but don’t forget Belka has other physical properties that you just can not achieve with paint and cement renders. Sometimes these may be a desired element.

Belka offers insulation and sound absorbing properties …..Think media rooms, coffee shops, hotel lobbies and common walls, anywhere where you need to help dampen sound and stop sound being amplified from bouncing off painted walls.

Belka is also a designer finish that can act as a thermal barrier to hot or cold walls.

For a full list of properties go here.

We understand it is difficult to fully appreciate the finish and effect achieved with a new product. Hence we have developed our Colour Swatch kit program.

We also have a hand bound Designer Colour Chart.
(Complimentary copies available for colour consultants just contact us to apply.)


In order to help your favourite trade applicator make that next step a little easier we offer a 50% discount on the Retail price for their very first 5 Kg bag of Belka. This is enough Belka to coat approx 15 sq / metres on a smooth surface…..That’s a very small price to pay to see for yourself, the richness and effect you can achieve with Belka and just why we won the “HIA Product of the Year 2009”